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Liberty Kids - Yorktown

EPISODE 36: Moses brother Cato, fighting for his own freedom, serves as a soldier for the British and is sent into harms way by Cornwallis inhuman racist orders. Aided by a sympathetic Hessian soldier, Cato escapes with his life. Moses joins the American mining corps, which is a group of men who dig tunnels and build walls needed in battle, and tries unsuccessfully to find Cato. Sarah, James and Henri witness the siege and victory at Yorktown.

HISTORICAL CONTENT: The climatic battle of the war if fought at Yorktown. Moses' brother Cato, a soldier on the British side who is fighting for his own freedom, is sent into harm's way by Cornwallis' racist orders, but is aided by a sympathetic Hessian soldier and escapes with his life. After a long siege, Cornwallis surrenders his sword and it's a huge victory for the Americans, but Washington is not yet convinced the war is over (10/19/81).

EMOTIONAL TAKEAWAY: Kindness comes in all sizes, races and sexes of people and it is the little acts of kindness, that when all added up, amount to the hope we all have for a humane future.


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