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Liberty Kids
Deborah Samson
Soldier of the Revolution

EPISODE 34: Sarah meets the courageous Deborah Samson and learns another lesson about the tremendous efforts of women in the American Revolution. James and Henri, accompanying Washington, meet Rochambeau and are party to the arguments between the two powerful Generals as they get the story for the Gazette.

HISTORICAL CONTENT: Deborah Samson masquerades as a man so she can enlist in the Continental army (5/20/1782-10/23/83). Her true identity is discovered while getting treatment for an injury. She is befriended by men who believe her to be a true hero. Washington and the French General Rochambeau disagree on whether to try to retake New York or move south against Cornwallis (1/81-5/81).

EMOTIONAL TAKEAWAY: Where there is a will there is a way.


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