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Liberty Kids
Lafayette Arrives

EPISODE 22: Henri meets Lafayette, who he quickly discovers, has no son. For the French born Henri, this is all he needs to hear as he instantly sees himself as Lafayette's surrogate son. James and Sarah follow the Marquis from Congress to the field at Brandywine where they quickly learn of the strength and commitment from this man from another country.

HISTORICAL CONTENT: The 19-year-old Marquis de Lafayette arrives after an eventful journey from France and offers his services to Congress (7/27/77). After at first being turned down he is sent to George Washington, who virtually adopts him as his son. Lafayette distinguishes himself at the Battle of Brandywine Creek (9/11/77). News of his great courage helps the American cause in where Benjamin Franklin continues to lobby for support from the French government.

EMOTIONAL TAKEAWAY: Moral causes know no boundaries or borders and are everyone's responsibility to support.


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