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Liberty Kids
American Crisis

EPISODE 18: The Kids are reunited with Thomas Paine and are witnesses as Paine writes, "These are the times that try men's souls." They see first hand the incredible pressure that General Washington is under and wonder if the revolution is about to end with the British emerging victorious.

HISTORICAL CONTENT: This is the low point of the war for the Americans. Washington's adjutant, General Joseph Reed, questions the Commander's ability to lead. Another General, Lee ignores Washington's orders and is eventually captured by the British (12/13/76). The Continental Congress, anticipating attack, flees Philadelphia for Baltimore (12/12/76). Washington knows he must win a battle or the revolution will fail from lack of public support. Meanwhile, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Franklin's thoughts and hopes are with the Americans.

EMOTIONAL TAKEAWAY: The way one behaves in the worst of times is a better indicator of character and strength, then how one behaves when everything is going well.


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