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Liberty Kids
Green Mountain Boys

EPISODE 07: James heads to the Grants to cover the story of the settlers struggle; Sarah goes hoping to find a place in the Green Mountains for her family to settle, and Henri wants to find maple syrup. Sarah and James witness the capture of the fort and Sarah befriends Benedict Arnold, whom she instantly respects.

HISTORICAL CONTENT: Trouble erupts in the New Hampshire Grants when settlers are forced from their homes (1770-1775). Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold reluctantly join forces to capture Fort Ticonderoga in New York -- thereby expanding the war beyond New England (5/10/75). We also meet Benedict Arnold for the first time and see that he is in fact a brilliant soldier who is treated poorly by the local militia he has been sent to lead.

EMOTIONAL TAKEAWAY: James learns that if you truly believe in something, personal sacrifice is necessary.


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