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Liberty Kids
Liberty or Death

EPISODE 04: James, Sarah, Henri and Moses travel to Virginia, where they witness Patrick Henry's speech. Moses is shocked to find his brother Cato on the slave auction block and risks his own freedom to rescue him. Cato sees hope for himself in Dunmore's Proclamation and in the end leaves his brother to seek his own path to freedom.

HISTORICAL CONTENT: Patrick Henry, the greatest speaker of his day, stirs the South to the cause of freedom with his famous "Give me Liberty or give me death!" speech (3/23/75). Lord Dunmore's Proclamation offers liberty to any slave who will fight for the British (11/14/75) and full scale war comes a step closer as another colony agrees to fight.

EMOTIONAL TAKEAWAY: No person can ever have the right to own another and no matter how violently they try and impose their rule, they will ultimately fail.


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